*9 ur old voice* I’m single as a Pringle (:

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Michael Deforge

i won’t forget you but i’m over you now2014



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emcameoutswinging said: Panic! at the disco

I’m only gonna talk about their pre-breakup stuff

favourite song: Time to Dance
least favourite song: idk D:
have i ever seen them live: Yes, last year but I wish I could’ve seen them in 2006-2008 
favourite band member: Ryan Ross
least favourite band member: Well I like all of them but I guess Jon Walker
how many of their albums i have: 3
favourite album: A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out
favorite lyrics: I don’t really have a favorite line but most of their songs are so beautifully written
favorite music video: That Green Gentlemen 
ever met any members: No but Brendon walked past me at their show last year (it is also my number one life goal to meet Ryan Ross)(I love Ryan Ross)

send me a band name and i'll do...
  • favourite song:
  • least favourite song:
  • have i ever seen them live:
  • favourite band member:
  • least favourite band member:
  • how many of their albums i have:
  • favourite album:
  • favorite lyrics:
  • favorite music video:
  • ever met any members:


boiz night 


Famous Viners?


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this is the kind of thing you see in horror movies


New Hampshire moths are practically sparrows. Two Luna moths, and a Polyphemus moth

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I just really want to move away from here. Most everyone here are so pretentious, ignorant, and they only care about sex, drugs, and alcohol. Pretty much whenever I’m hanging out with people literally the only conversations they have are how high and drunk they want to get/got, how many people they’ve slept with and I’m always just standing there awkwardly. I’m also sometimes left alone so they can go smoke weed, etc. I mean it’s fine if you smoke but to the people here it’s a lifestyle. I feel like I can’t make a single guy friend without them wanting to be around me because I’m “hot” and so they can use me to get in my pants (not that I would let them). It makes me really sad and self conscious and it makes me feel like I can’t go out in public and hang out with friends at social events without being seen as an object and not just a friend to guys that are strangers. And then I seem like a bitch because I push them away. I just want to move to a new city where most of the people are really genuine and down to Earth and so I can get away from all of these gross people. I feel really sad and idk what I’m even typing.